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To start you up, some quick notes about your account:

  • default.asp, default.htm, index.htm, index.html are the default-loading home pages for any directory
  • upload your Perl/HTML/TXT in ASCII/TEXT mode
  • for virtual E-mail forwarding refer to our NT Support E-mail Section
  • don't delete the preset directories unless you are sure you won't use them (some are used for stats, some for virtual FTP, etc.)
  • to save our time and resources, your bill will be sent to you via E-mail ONLY a month prior to your account expiry; it will be for next quarter usag e charges, plus new accounts and/or extra features (if any) in the past term. Please note, if you are ordering over 50% of your main account payment worth of services, we may have to ask you to pay up front for first such order to establish your credit line with us.
  • For more details or if you have any questions, please check in the NT Support Area.
  • You are on server nt9; server hardware plus connection details and statistics are available
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